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Specialties: Mediumship/ Psychic, Channeling, Energy reading and Energy work. Missing persons and cold cases.

Readings are available by Phone or Skype

Pay: Paypal or Cashapp ($IOHWC)

Booking Information: Phone: (856) 264-7253

email: otherside_connections@yahoo.com

Good Day Everyone!

It's an honor to read with Rozelle! We make a great team and work amazingly together. 

My name is Brian, I am a naturally born Psychic Medium, Energy Healer. I have been professionally reading for over a decade. 

I allow spirit to channel through me and read energy. I tend to see within to allow the energy to speak through me. Whatever comes out during your session is what you needed to receive not what you want. I don't sugarcoat anything during your session. I work within and for your own highest good. I am not a reader who requires validation of things I know its not for me to have validation. It's for you to know that love transcend worlds and dimensions. I am just the physical vessel that allows the information to come through. Its all to help you grow, learn, understand even to allow healing to come through. If this you feel this is for you; I am here at your service. 

Be Bless

Brian is available to work on missing persons, murder cases and cold cases. If you wish to have Brian consult on a case. There is no fee (For the case consults ONLY) Just the following is needed. 

1) Person's name (Missing/ Murdered)

2)Last place known

3) a couple items that belong to them. Preferably items they left behind or was on them when they were found. 

4)Contact person such as police detective or family member.

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